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Easter eggs: good for your heart

“Happy Easter!”, It’s almost there. Spending time with your family, eating together and last but not least: relish chocolate easter eggs. Not only during the Easter weekend itself we eat chocolate eggs. In fact, they have been available in stores for weeks already. They are a temptation for everyone. And especially for those who are consciously eating and/or exercising. At receptions, in offices, at cash desks and in too many other places, the colored calorie bombs are available for the taking. The question is, are they really so unhealthy as people say? Or isn’t it necessarily to resist the temptation? It seems that dark chocolate is not quite so bad. That really makes you happy!


Healthy eating as treatment

That healthy eating is a good thing, we already knew of course. Research even shows that healthy eating can help in the treatment of high blood pressure, diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. For example, it has been shown that a healthy diet can have positive effects and may delay the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. For example, cardiovascular diseases may occur later in life as you eat many fruits and vegetables.


Chocolate study

But chocolate is an unhealthy product, is it? Well, nothing seems further from the truth…., so reveals a study that investigated the positive effects of chocolate on your health. Eating dark chocolate improves glucose metabolism and lowers blood pressure. While this is not the case after eating white chocolate. This is because dark chocolate is relatively high in flavanols. How these nutrients have a positive effect on our body, is not yet entirely clear. Other studies on tea and wine, which also contain a lot of flavanols, show that drinking this product has positive effects on our vascular system and blood pressure. These results confirm the idea that eating dark chocolate may delay the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. This way, eating dark chocolate could make a positive contribution to your health!


So we can eat dark chocolate unlimited?

So can we eat as much dark chocolate Easter eggs as we would like during Easter? Unfortunately not. There is more research and evidence needed before we can state that dark chocolate is healthy. In addition, there are also unhealthy nutrients besides flavonoids in chocolate, such as large amounts of sugar. In conclusion, we again observe that diet plays a big role in our health. Therefore, it is always important to maintain a proper nutrient balance. This is different for everyone because your genetic predispositions help to determine what nutrients are good for you to eat and what nutrients you can better avoid eating. Are you curious about your ideal distribution of fat, protein and carbohydrates based on your DNA? Our personal nutritional advice report provides insight into the optimal nutritional balance as the basis for a focused diet. OmniYou Nutrition is available on our website for just € 99.99 euros.

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