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Are you done with the extra weight or do you just want to become more healthy? Food is a very important part of the process of losing weight. Not everyone can lose weight using the same diet. Get your DNA analyzed at Omnigen in order to know what nutrition your body can and cannot handle. Omniyou Nutrition gives you an overview of how your body reacts to different nutrition. We give you a hands on advice in accordance with what we can read off your DNA; what you can eat and what is better for you to pass on. The report has three sections:
  • Fat versus Carbohydrates
  • Lose weight by exercise
  • Dietary advice

    Did you make up your mind yet?

    Order your DNA-kit now and we start working for you immediately. This is how it works:
  • We send you a DNA-kit
  • You rub a swab over the inside of your cheek and send it back
  • We are going to analyse your DNA
  • You get access to a digital environment where you can read your report
  • If you want, we destroy all your data

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