Olympic rower Gover Viergever talks about DNA diet

“With top sports, it’s about decimal points of a percentage. And you would be crazy if you didn’t use certain methods to get more out of yourself. Especially if it as simple and non-invasive as spitting in a tube and send it to a lab.”

Winning a medal at the next Olympic Games in 2020 in Tokio. That is the goal of Govert Viergever, Olympic rower of “Holland Vier”.  We did an interview with Govert trough Skype, while he was at the training camp in Sevilla. He is one of the athletes who want to get even better and that’s why he did a DNA-test. He is sure of it that this will help him reach his goal.

Govert made his hobby his job. He started rowing in 2005 with Nereus, the rowing association for students in Amsterdam. Last year he got the fifth place at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro together with the Holland Vier.



He is pretty small for a rower. “Which means I have to find my strength somewhere else.” Because he still needs to be able to do the same things as one of the big guys, he did a DNA-test. “To see which things I am able to improve.”

“You know your body pretty well after doing 27 years of top sports, but there were a couple of things that I didn’t know about myself and that are useful to know. Instead of just guessing: I think my muscles acidify quickly. I now know perfectly what my strengths are and what I need to work on. Now that I have that information on black and white I can change things in my training, nutrition, and supplements. * (video NL)

*Source zorg.nu NPO1