Diagnostical Tools for Pancreatic Cancer

Here at Omnigen, we want to use our powers for good. Not just by informing people about their personal genetics, but also by having a relevant impact on society through healthcare. We do this by working closely together with doctors, scientists and patient groups.

Pancreatic Cancer Project

One example of a project where Omnigen is working on, is the research on treatment options for pancreatic carcinomas, better known as the PCP – Pancreatic Cancer Project.

Pancreatic cancer is a kind of cancer with a very low survival rate and an increasing number of patients. The average of 1600 patients per year in 2000 has increased to 2300 patient per year. Survival rates are only 5% for these patients.

New diagnostic tools

Our purpose is to develop better treatment options for people with this terrible diagnosis. We do this by working to develop better diagnostic tools. These tools can help doctors to make a more informed decision about what the best treatment options are. By analysing all biological data we can collect, and by making innovative use of data-analysis and data-mining.

For example, we can give advice on the next steps to take during treatment. We can help give information so doctors and patients can make informed decisions about palliative or curative treatment. With further research, we won’t just be able to make a difference in choosing treatment; we will also be able to give a treatment advice specific to each individual, to make sure that everyone with this disease has the highest chance of being cured.

Keep developing

To reach this goal, we and RVO are looking for investors willing to help develop these medical-diagnostic tools.

Do you think you can help Omnigen reach this goal even faster? Contact us and help us make a difference.