Project: Anigen

Anigen is a relatively young department of Omingen. Alongside the human direction of Omnigen, Anigen mainly focusses on the genetic predispositions of animals for an array of physical and behavioral traits.


One of the main activities for Anigen includes the commercial development of a genetic profile report for animals, much like the ones Omnigen provides for humans. We aim to develop a comprehensive and easily understandable report detailing the genetic predispositions of individual animals for physical appearance, particular performance characteristics and relevant behavioral traits. The aim of providing these genetic reports is improving and informing health, breeding strategies and performance in professional sport for horses and other animals. This will be of interest to animal shelters, animal breeders, professionals in the sports world or other parties interested in non-invasive prediction of health, behavior, performance, and injury. The genetic reports will also provide the veterinary and para-veterinary field with screening options for animal health procedures, medical treatment and prevention purposes.


In addition, the research arm of the department provides bioinformatics consultancy services to other commercial entities and academic parties. This can range from advising on study design to processing and analyzing the data to contributing to writing a manuscript suitable for publication. We work on mapping horse physical and behavioral traits to genetic markers and applying system biology methods and planning replication and follow-up studies to assess the biological relevance of our initial findings. This approach is aimed at contributing to current knowledge and we, therefore, are enthusiastic about disseminating the results through conference presentations and publications in relevant scientific journals. These efforts will contribute to elucidating biological processes behind horse health and disease.


At the moment we use the Illumina equine SNP arrays for genotyping single nucleotide polymorphisms on a genome-wide scale, but we have also processed with RNA sequencing data and have the expertise for dealing with other ‘omics’ data like DNA methylation or microbiome parameters.


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